You know, Mako, all those years I spent living in the past, I never really thought about the future. Until now. I never did have very good timing.

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i don’t think i’ve ever seen a picture that raises so many questions before in my life

I don’t see questions I only see an answer
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I love every single photo I have ever seen of this girl.

i need my child to look and be this cute 

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"People often say ‘stop being angry and educate us’, not understanding that the anger is part of the education."

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And note that folks dont ever take the time to educate themselves. A 2 second Google search would solve problems but folks would rather whinge about how mean the marginalized group is being to them…

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- Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue; September 15, 2014

[ Part 1 / Part 2 ]

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Protesters from across St Louis turned up and turned out for the first St Louis County Council Meeting since Mike Brown’s Death. (Part IV)

And now for the side show… the STL County Council/police fail at being empathetic, and tone deaf white people are tone deaf (and white). #staywoke #farfromover

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